Outdoor, taxi ads, tanker ads, washroom ads, cinema, bus shelters, buses, supermarket floors and trolleys - you name it - it's available!

Billboard advertising has also come of age in recent years. However the worldwide problem of council controls are still holding this medium back from delivering its full strength in many centres.

Good coverage is available throughout the main metropolitan centres. Outside of these areas however, good sites can be scarce.
Average monthly costs excluding production are around $3500 for a reasonable 6m x 3m city site. And allow an additional $800 - $1000 for vinyl skin production excluding origination.

The main players in the market are isiteMedia and APN Outdoor.  And with Adshel being the bus shelter supplier.

But there is so much going on in this category, that for specific details on any outdoor media (Taxis, restrooms, milk tankers, buses, instore, trolleys, airport etc), it's best to contact us direct.