New Zealand has per capita, the largest number of magazines of any country in the world....

These cover the full range of consumer and special interest publications, through to very specific trade publications.

The two major publishing groups are ACP and Fairfax. These groups cover the key consumer segment areas.

A selection of these magazines with their full page four colour costs and readership against a HouseHold Shopper target are as below (all data from the latest Nielsen Media Research Survey over Jan to Dec 2014).

Magazine $FP Readership
Womans General
NZ Woman's Weekly   21%
Aust Woman's Weekly   19%
New Idea   12%
Womans Day   22%
That's Life   8%
Lucky Break   5%
Women's Niche
Cleo   2%
Next   9%
Healthy Food Guide   12%
Good Health   5%
General Consumer
Readers Digest   8%
NZ Listener   6%
North & South   8%
Metro   4%
TV Guide   12%
NZ Life & Leisure   5%
Home & Garden
NZ House & Garden   17%
NZ Gardener   10%
Your Home & Garden   10%
HOME NZ   3%
Cuisine   11%
Dish   5%
Food   7%
Taste   6%
Male Magazines (against Males 20 - 54)
Classic Car   8%
Autocar   10%
NZV8   7%
Performance Car   13%
Boating NZ   7%
Fishing World   5%
Fish & Game   14%
Fishing News   11%

Issues for the future

Recent years have seen a vast drop in both circulation and readership for most magazines. More so for the general interest publications - special interest publications have also been affected although usually to a lesser degree.

Readership summary comparing 2014 to 2013 against a total 10+ target for some key publications as below:

NZ Womans Day is down 17.6%
NZ Womans Weekly is down 11.1%
NZ Listener is down 14.8%
TV Guide is down 16.3%
Aust Womens Weekly is down 9.7%
Next is down 13%
NZ House & Garden is down 8.5%
NZ Performance Car is down 12.2%
NZ Fishing News is down 16%

Boating NZ is down 22.1%

These are vast drops - and even more scary when you realise it has happened just over a period of two years!

So the next five years will be crunchtime for large circulation magazines in NZ. All of the major publications have moved towards putting their offerings online as well. However these sites cannot generate the audience that is achieved by the main news sites, and nor will they be able to recoup lost print revenues in the online space.

So just like newspapers, it's going to be a case of watch this space!

All data sourced from and copyright to The Nielsen Company.